Oh yah! I 4got! Okay this is a 22 feb post!
It was suppose to be our “DEPRESSION” DAY! Not depression depression, but all of us planned to wear clothes from the boutique “DEPRESSION”.
But I kena pang seh 2 times! 1st is Darren never come! 2nd is the other 2 girls FELICIA & XINYI never wear their depression dresses because they say too short!


Hey yoooooo!
I’m not dead yet.
Yesterday I went to town not for right reasons, but to do project! Lol. We were suppose to go to Tangs, Taka, and Isetan to see what kinda goods they sell on each floor.
Bored bored but no choice! At least there were Eddy, Nigel and Candra to make the day more interesting. And yes I forgot to mention that the 4 of us and Corn went to the gym in the morning.
Oh yah did you see our joke song cover? LOL. This is what you get when 4 guys get insanely bored after a 3 hour lecture.
Vid’s right HERE!
What else to add?



Damn busy these few days can!
Show you some pictures first!
I was such an emo bitch during day one! Totally no friends lah can. Damn embarrassing!
Apparently today, my friends told me their first impression of my was some ahbeng cannot mess with me WTH!!! That’s the last kinda people I wanna be! LOL!
Second day I met Nigel, Edward, Candra, Arif, Ran, Syah. There were all my first few friends in poly! And then here’s my group for the “adventure camp” part!180463_10150090820253551_536148550_6288532_7908987_n175824_10150095688799143_531609142_6314449_1356490_o
Charlston, Desiree, Eugene, Teresa, Jaslyn, Eve, Cleo, Vivien, Janelle, Candra, Nigel, Samantha, Corn, Cheryl, Me, Ashleigh, Edward, Chong Teng, Arif!
Guess what is our group’s name! UMGGGHH!!!! THATS RIGHT! HAHA!
15Feb Nigel, Edward, Candra and I went to Cineleisure to play Guitar Hero! Damn fun and freaking funny! Especially the part where all of us had to press okay, and Edward doesn’t know how to continue with the mic and he shouted “YEA!” so naturally thinking it was the “OK button” HAHAHA FREAKING FUNNY AT THAT TIME!
Then we went to *SCAPE at the top floor there’s this place where you can play Pool, Foosball, Xbox kinect, and stuffs LIKE FOR FREE WTF!
“Real lesson” started yesterday. It was Design In Culture. And we already have homework to do! But the next day which is today we suppose to have lessons but lecturer says don’t have to come to school! Use today to do homework! HAHA AWESOME!
Oh yah I forgot! Welcome <thinking of a name> to the family.



YOOHOO! I’ve been busy playing in school! 107 DPA students in TP including me.
Past 2 days were totally awesome making new friends even though I was some shy emo clown on the first welcome day.
2nd and third day was really fun! We played some high element thing which was called the high beam but didn’t play the most fun one where you had to jump from the tip of the log about 10ft high and catch a bar!
Today we had DRAGONBOAT and hiphop dance! Dragonboat’s the most fun 1 lah.
Whoa this post super boring lah cuz im damn tired already.
Our group photo after the hiphop dance! *BOTTOMS UP BOTTOMS UP*


No post during CNY period means it had been a boring one for me!

On the 3rd day of CNY which was yesterday we went to DingHao’s house for steamboat followed by many awesome rounds of Modern Warefare 2 at *SCAPE!

Not bad uh yesterday Darren quite handsome cuz he wear his new BOOTS(+99!) and his new STAGE jacket.

Now I have something damn useful for iPhone users who takes a lot of pictures and restores their iPhone and when they import their pictures to their computers, the picture names restarts back to eg. IMG_0001 and they get many pictures with the same name!
I found the solution with some guidance from this website. Couldn’t follow every single step cuz there were slight differences here and there.
OKAY! First, you need to SSH into your iPhone. SSH is something like opening the hidden root folders of your iPhone where you will see all the scary stuffs. A guide on how to SSH here. P.S your iPhone have to be jailbroken to do this. So if you’re not a jailbreaker. Too bad.

Once you’ve SSH-ed into your iPhone, navigate to this folder:


Open up “Info.plist”

There will be this line:
<interger>XXX</interger> (X representing the number)
Change it to the number you want and save it.
If there are 2 lines of the <interger>, the sum of the numbers from both lines = the current IMG no. I suppose the first line is 999 and if the 2nd line is 100, means images name will be saved as IMG_1099 onwards. So if you got 2 lines there, edit the 2nd line.

From now on, what every pictures/screenshots saved to your camera roll will be save according to the number you entered onwards.
Hopes this helps! Share this post with your friends!