>Sigh. The new one keeps coming. The current one keeps ignoring. I’m feeling dejected^999. I feel like the bad guy now but what have I done wrong.


>Week 14 update


I AM BACK ONCE AGAIN! THIS TIME, err, *thinking of something epic to say.

Just to update, My hair is not as colourful like this, IMG_1167 (purplish red and blonde) anymore. I have used this, IMG_1973 on my hair now. And also went to the salon to give it a little trim. Kinda like it still. Haha!

The last week was the last day of this whole PPP (Polytechnic Preparatory Programme) thing. SDP (school discovery program) ended on which I’m like feeling so happy about

I am trying hard to recall what happened for the past 7 days now! I think I will have to make it a point do jot down what happen everyday so that it’ll be easier for me when I do my weekly updates. Well, I will try to update more frequently but I’ll at least make it a point to update weekly! So don’t worry! Even if I’m gonna let this blog die, I will announce!


Monday – School from 9-4+. Didn’t expect that I will be going out that day so I dressed until damn casual. Hair also never style properly. So after school went to airport and dined at pizza hut! It was the first freaking  time that I had PIZZA HUT!

This is me being frustrated over having a bad hair day!

There’s another photo of me holding the Pizza Hut menu, smiling like a kid dining there for the first time but apparently my face looked like crap so I’m not going to spoil my image by posting it here!

Tuesday –
See, I’m a neat freak. Even the way I connect my laptop to the power supply has to be neat!

Was doing some assignment on Popular micro blogging site Twitter hence this drawing of the Twitter bird!

Haha you know I’m bored.

Wednesday – Today was the so called “Presentation Day” and also the last day of this SDP thing. It’s totally different from TNS. I put in a lot of effort to rehearse for TNS presentation and try to brush everything up nicely but for this, it’s like so normal. Teacher even said that we don’t have to dress formerly. Just be ourselves. But I still had to dress up for show. Going out shopping with all my cliques later in the day too anyway! Awesome people!

Photo taking session at the end of class. Meet my project group!

This is the entire class!

Went Tom’s Palette for ice cream. ONE OF THE BEST PLACE TO GET SOME NICE ICE CREAM IN SINGAPORE! They even have salted egg as a flavour!

Thursday – Went to do something pretty happy but embarrassing thing! Hehe. A small little memorable moment added to my life.

Oh and during evening time went to Amanda’s cellgroup leader’s house for steamboat. Thanks for bringing me back to God!

Friday – Last day of PPP! Closing ceremony.

We received our certificates. Saw the DPA video with many nice pictures of all of us. Then it was the Lecturer surprise award awarded to a few students in class!

I was lucky enough to win Mr. Stylo-Milo! Haha!

Cleo won Ms. Stylo-Milo and Terry won Mr. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon god knows why and what’s that! Hahahahahaha!

This is Amanda my bestie, Guan Wen my room mate and me wearing our DPA shirts!

Next few ours was filled with fun and games. VERY WET fun and games! Including face being “spitted” at! ARGH! It was this station where a we were suppose to vote a guy and a girl up. Then there’s this board with points around it and a hole in the middle for you to put our head through. And your teammates have to spit dirty water at the board to score points trying hard to not hit you. Eventually some still did! AAAHHH!

The day ended with a very tired Ryan. Went home. Had a nice h2h chat before going home. I loved every single h2h chat!