>Week 7 Update.


Okay this is week 7’s update! Lol it’s only week 7. Sounds very little but so many things happened!

Monday! Celebrated Jordan’s birthday in advance! With Chef Nicholas Soh in the kitchen whipping up, as usual, FREAKING DELICIOUS western food for us!



Not to forget a tao pok session AFTER DINNER *puke* and Nicholas biting Darren’s ass until it bled!


Jammed with Aria, Eddy, Jonathan, and Ben at Beat Merchants studio on Thursday. I declare that jamming session the best session we’ve ever had. Totally a confidence for Monday’s MusicVox auditions!

What happened on Friday? Hmm I can’t recall.

Saturday was another jamming session with the band but we have guests LOL! Momo, Regine and Chindian Jonathan joined us!
This time we tried jamming at upper Thomson’s jamming studio Orlandos for the first time. Our whole band never eat rice that day! LOL. Like something was missing and it was scary.

Then I tried Regine’s Violin which was the first time I played a violin in my life! Weee! Best part was trying to play canon! HAHA!

Chilled around with the guitars and our voices at Jonathan’s big house! Before having beancurd and beancurd drink! I was the hungry ghost though. Had a plate of glutinous rice and 2 egg tarts!


3 clowns ridiculously posing with their guitars in the middle of the road.
The headlights of a car actually assisted the flash!


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