TPSU Subcomm camp 11/12!

Best start for me was that I don’t have school on Friday’s! Took advantage of it and slept till 2pm before I started packing for this 2 days 1 night camp.

Met Eddy at Tampines interchange to get some KOI first!
Sick fetish bro. But I like!

My motive for attending this camp other than having fun is also to meet more people and make more friends!

I was allocated to one of the five groups “Nevsis” and our “OI” cheer goes like this:

Nevsis OI!
Never SI (die)!
Nevsis OI!
Never SEE!
Nevsis OI!
See what see ah kua simi (see what)!

Short and fierce. Hahaha!

And so coincidentally somebody I saw last week was in the same empire as me too! Fated to the max HAHAHA!

I came to the camp with Eddy and Aria but we got split up, which also is a good thing because at least we would go socialize ourselves and won’t keep sticking to each other.

The thought of sleeping in the sports complex really drenched our mood but we were rather prepared for it. It was because we went to an air-conditioned meeting room to safe keep our bags there and that place felt so cool and comfortable.

Here are some pictures taken in the night! The lighting was extremely bad which also explains the poor photo quality!


My Rudolf nose really ruined my entire photo-taking session in camp! Sigh!

2nd day!

Slept at 4 and woke up at 6. Looked around and saw everybody still dead so I pretended to sleep again. Then woke up at 7.

It was a day filled with flour and water! Damn shiok but at the same time super unglam! For lunch, we played a treasure hunt but this time it was to hunt for out utensils and maggi mee!

The day ended with a layer of flour covering most people’s scalp! Fun time scraping it off. The feeling of one small piece coming out is damn shiok man.

We got our TPSU t-shirt too in a sexy blue colour! I wished it was dark blue actually but nvm! As long as it’s TPSU!

Kay I’m knocking out already.


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