Week 17 and a little bit of 16

So the most memorable thing that happened last 2 weeks was DingHao’s birthday cuz I forgot everything that happened! Hahaha!

We celebrated his bdae at Fish and Co and I swear this might just be one of the most embarrassing moments of his life! He had to stand on the chair and all of the staffs did a FnC cheer followed by a birthday song! Then he had to blow the candle from where he’s standing and he did it! He’s a good blower *wink*.


Oh yes on Tuesday, something happened for the first time! I overslept and what I missed was a tutorial and not a lecture! So I did what almost every poly student would do. LOL. You know what. And I was really silly. I didn’t drop the prescription paper into the prescription box and I blindly waited for quite a while until a lady told me. Zzzz.

Here’s the 2 nonsense gay guys. Lol sometimes I can’t stand them.

That day was my lazy to style hair and dress down day. Wore cap, TP tee, berms, and flipflops to school hahahha!


Next up was the fastest SMS competition on WEDNESDAY. Totally had to intention of joining it at first but then Evin and the rest kept persuading me to join! We had to type this!:

“The razor-tooth piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack humans.”

Haha so I joined and had the top 3 fastest timing! Then I went to sugarloaf with Mason, Amanda and Agnes for lunch. When I came back, I was already the 6th place omg. Then the top 10 proceeded to the finals where we had to compete 1 more time. ALAMAK! I had spelling error and got disqualified. Plus when I wanted to type the “in the world” part, The iPhone’s dictionary auto corrected the “world” to some “Woefnesifebu” shit!

Hahaha anyway congrats to Matthew, Nicholas and Aria for getting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively!

After that I went to Town with Amanda to get some long-craved-for ROYCE chocolates HOLY MACORONI THEY TASTE SO GOOD! Followed by my first time eating at Coldstone Creamery OMG THEY TASTE EVEN BETTER ESPECIALLY THE BROWNIES HAHAHA!


Oh yah so Thursday was our WDS presentation day. Even though it wasn’t really a full presentation, JianHao and I took every advantage of it to wear formal. Bloody Hell I wish I was in business school or smth man. Just presentation everyday.


Friday was our PRSP term test. All I can say was ALL QUESTION 4S ARE FREAKING JINXED!! K that’s all.

Saturday was a study day with Amanda but both pigs woke up so late at about 2+pm. Met at school library at 4, not knowing that the library closes at 5 on Saturdays. So they library’s way of chasing people out is by playing some classical guitar solos. LOL fine then we went to the National library at bugis. Ate dinner first. On the way to the library we were just too bored so we had this idea of watching ZOOKEEPER after studying. Then study until the library close again and BAM there we are at Iluma watching movie.

HAHA I swear the movie’s damn funny! See it to believe it or laugh at it!



There was Nigel, Cheryl, Janelle, Corn, Jaslyn, Candra, Aria, and Sandy! They guys paid 20 dollars for a neat looking steamboat and get fat at the same time while the girls we just next door at Astons thinking how to eat healthily. HAHA!

K fingers tired already! See you the next time I blog!

Oh gosh I really rushed through this post. HAHAHA!


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