The one that thanks it all.

Okay HI everyone! This is a post filled with loads of LOVE and THANKS!

We may not be that close but as long as we’ve exchange words before, this post is dedicated to YOU!

I just felt like thanking everybody and every new friend that I’ve made in the year 2011!

From the nonsense I did during the holidays and stuff. Oh yah btw I didn’t work much after my O’ levels because I guess this is the only 6 months holiday I’ll have so I’m gonna enjoy it!


And then getting accepted into DPA has been the one of the most privileged thing ever. I went out with my first poly clique ever and they are Nigel, Candra, and Edward(Eddy)! And also people who are in the same DPA empire, “UMGH!” as me. Janelle, Jaslyn, Cheryl, Charlston, Samantha, Ashleigh, ChongTeng, Arif, Eugene, Desiree, Teresa, Eve, Cleo, Vivien, Nigel, Corn, Candra, Edward! Not forgetting, Our dear GLs, Joel and Heidi!

I somehow regret not putting in a 110% effort into my CDS though. Wished I worked harder for my third one which was only done by all the IT students.


And Freshman Orientation Camp! It could be one of the best camps ever for me seriously. But then I chose to let something else bother me which resulted in an emo bitch Ryan sigh. Nonetheless, I still made friends and enjoyed myself there. Except for the last part where the camp was about to close. Bloody hell we were made to sit on the floor so freaking long I think my ass became flat.


Not to forget my dear classmates Ryman, ChunMing, Tyson, Victor, Aidil, Hakim, Zen, Justin, JianHao, Grace, LiLing, Faraheen, YingLin, YiTing, and Chris!

Haha I also think that my class is quite ONZ so don’t underestimate us! Im currently in my class’s chalet blogging yeah!

So just to sum things up, I’m really thankful to know a lot of you happy, nice, cool, funny, interesting, intelligent, and worthy-to-hangout-with people that made me a very very happy boy! Whether you bring my life up or down, thanks for making things fluctuate so it’s rather interesting you see. Smile

THANK YOU once again!


Now lets just take a look at some photos from this year..

Risotto at Nicholas’s house!

4 bloody irritating THINGS!


I think I got to win this award because I dressed like this to school one day!

DPA promo photoshoot.

Inside an F-15 aircraft!

Featured on TP’s very own T’s magazine!

And also a radio interview about DPA at 91.3FM’s studio.


Tall girl! She’s perfect!

Being ghosts for business study club’s nightwalk hahaha.

Love Red Parade @ Club Soul

TPSU Subcomm training camp group NEVSIS!


Do you think I’m gay?

One of the best person I’ve ever known on earth.



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