Valentine’s/#foreveralone day is coming!

Why poly projects like never ending! Then submit already only left like 1 week? Where got time to study? And I did my IHCI assignment on Photoshop like a boss already only to find out from my teacher that the website my group was working on was too plain! Should have told us a long time ago when we first started what!!!!!!

And that day where lover’s and admires celebrate and singles unite is coming! Have you planned how are you going to celebrate it yet? Whether if its lazing around or having sex on the moon, its still a plan so spend that day wisely alright!

Haha I pulled Nigel along with me today for a little shopping at town. We were at town before we went to habourfront. Finally, after almost a year or more, I had the “go out with BFF” feeling again HAHA! Eh but he also got buy things okay! Just that I bought 1 more thing. An Emporio Armani watch! After much procrastination and a few paychecks, finally.

And yah! I bumped into my dear girl at ION while she was shopping with her friend for chocolates too! Pure coincidence! Happy happy!

Chao! Time to sleep or do assignment now.

No photos of human because my hair has grown and it’s a bitch to manage and I look like a fag.Image


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