Studies and work. Both are priorities but my studies comes BEFORE work. FUCK YES

Okay everything has started to clash. My exams started, and the darts league has also started.

When I had plenty of assignments together with work stuff to deal with, I already told my boss to find a replacement. I said as much as I would like to continue working with this company, I’m afraid that in future when things clash on my side, I will not comprise my studies and matters at the company might me messed.

Fine, he told me when that happens, I’ll have to find a replacement to help. I foreseen that the clash is going to happen so I started searching. Obviously the circle of people around me are students and if I find somebody that has school like me I’m being irresponsible by just getting out of this mess and giving somebody who cannot commit because of studies to the company. And the same thing is going to happen. After a talk with 2 of my friends on the way home yesterday, they actually suggested I do that. 3 heads come to a better decision than 1 so might just be what I’m going to do. Anybody Tom Dick or Harry Interested in working an admin job for 500 a month?

So I had to go to office at 8 yesterday. As if he doesn’t I’m in the middle of my exams. After I ended my paper he sent me a text and I called him and he said he was going for his dinner first. Fine, I’m human too so I went to eat mine. Then later he text me where am I? So late already? Fuck! When I reach office at 9 he’s not even fucking there yet. Im like hell please hurry settle with me and I needa go home and fucking study for my exam! Guess what I went home at 3 yesterday. I don’t care if in the past your workers stayed till morning with you or what. They might not have important matters like exam but I DO! Even if they have important matters, we’ll its just too bad for you but you have to understand that my studies comes first.

If things screw up on your side, at most you’ll lose a league, or the league might still go on but delayed. Me? I only have 1 shot and if I screw up are you going to compensate me? If you are, please compensate me for life because my studies concerns my future.

I’m not trying to sound like oh I can study and work. But when I need to study and I cant work, I brush work aside. Like I’ve mentioned, before, I’ve already expressed my fear that this clash might happen and please find somebody new. If I were you, I would have taken precautions to PREVENT this from happening rather then just let things go.

Anyway, the talk I had with my boss yesterday to ask him for solutions because now that I cannot find somebody to replace me, I am asking the so called boss for a solution. Asking N to help was the last thing I would do because I don’t want to trouble him either. You didn’t have to tell N things like now that I have this work, I cant do it. You obviously fucking know that I have my studies and they are more important to me than this work shit.

as quoted here:

1. The boss drives group members; the leader coaches them.
2. The boss depends upon authority; the leader on good will.
3. The boss inspires fear; the leader inspires enthusiasm.
4. The boss says “I”; the leader says “we.”
5. The boss assigns the task, the leader sets the pace.
6. The boss says, “Get there on time”; the leader gets there ahead of time.
7. The boss fixes the blame for the breakdown; the leader fixes the breakdown.
8. The boss knows how it is done; the leader shows how.
9. The boss makes work drudgery; the leader makes it a game.
10. The boss says, “Go”; the leader says, “Let’s go.”

Seriously, I’m not on a contract, and If i really have to leave, it means I really have to leave whether your company is going to suffer or not. And talk about me having to train the new person for a few months before I can really leave, yes, it would be great if I could guide the new person along until he or she is familiar with things. But don’t say I have to do this to be fair to you. It is your responsibility to hire and assign. There are no such contract that states that I have to teach the new person everything before I can leave. Get that in your head. When I bother to teach the new person, I am doing you a favor.

As the title says, “Studies and work. Both are priorities but my studies comes BEFORE work. FUCK YES”.



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