Studies and work. Both are priorities but my studies comes BEFORE work. FUCK YES

Okay everything has started to clash. My exams started, and the darts league has also started.

When I had plenty of assignments together with work stuff to deal with, I already told my boss to find a replacement. I said as much as I would like to continue working with this company, I’m afraid that in future when things clash on my side, I will not comprise my studies and matters at the company might me messed.

Fine, he told me when that happens, I’ll have to find a replacement to help. I foreseen that the clash is going to happen so I started searching. Obviously the circle of people around me are students and if I find somebody that has school like me I’m being irresponsible by just getting out of this mess and giving somebody who cannot commit because of studies to the company. And the same thing is going to happen. After a talk with 2 of my friends on the way home yesterday, they actually suggested I do that. 3 heads come to a better decision than 1 so might just be what I’m going to do. Anybody Tom Dick or Harry Interested in working an admin job for 500 a month?

So I had to go to office at 8 yesterday. As if he doesn’t I’m in the middle of my exams. After I ended my paper he sent me a text and I called him and he said he was going for his dinner first. Fine, I’m human too so I went to eat mine. Then later he text me where am I? So late already? Fuck! When I reach office at 9 he’s not even fucking there yet. Im like hell please hurry settle with me and I needa go home and fucking study for my exam! Guess what I went home at 3 yesterday. I don’t care if in the past your workers stayed till morning with you or what. They might not have important matters like exam but I DO! Even if they have important matters, we’ll its just too bad for you but you have to understand that my studies comes first.

If things screw up on your side, at most you’ll lose a league, or the league might still go on but delayed. Me? I only have 1 shot and if I screw up are you going to compensate me? If you are, please compensate me for life because my studies concerns my future.

I’m not trying to sound like oh I can study and work. But when I need to study and I cant work, I brush work aside. Like I’ve mentioned, before, I’ve already expressed my fear that this clash might happen and please find somebody new. If I were you, I would have taken precautions to PREVENT this from happening rather then just let things go.

Anyway, the talk I had with my boss yesterday to ask him for solutions because now that I cannot find somebody to replace me, I am asking the so called boss for a solution. Asking N to help was the last thing I would do because I don’t want to trouble him either. You didn’t have to tell N things like now that I have this work, I cant do it. You obviously fucking know that I have my studies and they are more important to me than this work shit.

as quoted here:

1. The boss drives group members; the leader coaches them.
2. The boss depends upon authority; the leader on good will.
3. The boss inspires fear; the leader inspires enthusiasm.
4. The boss says “I”; the leader says “we.”
5. The boss assigns the task, the leader sets the pace.
6. The boss says, “Get there on time”; the leader gets there ahead of time.
7. The boss fixes the blame for the breakdown; the leader fixes the breakdown.
8. The boss knows how it is done; the leader shows how.
9. The boss makes work drudgery; the leader makes it a game.
10. The boss says, “Go”; the leader says, “Let’s go.”

Seriously, I’m not on a contract, and If i really have to leave, it means I really have to leave whether your company is going to suffer or not. And talk about me having to train the new person for a few months before I can really leave, yes, it would be great if I could guide the new person along until he or she is familiar with things. But don’t say I have to do this to be fair to you. It is your responsibility to hire and assign. There are no such contract that states that I have to teach the new person everything before I can leave. Get that in your head. When I bother to teach the new person, I am doing you a favor.

As the title says, “Studies and work. Both are priorities but my studies comes BEFORE work. FUCK YES”.



Valentine’s/#foreveralone day is coming!

Why poly projects like never ending! Then submit already only left like 1 week? Where got time to study? And I did my IHCI assignment on Photoshop like a boss already only to find out from my teacher that the website my group was working on was too plain! Should have told us a long time ago when we first started what!!!!!!

And that day where lover’s and admires celebrate and singles unite is coming! Have you planned how are you going to celebrate it yet? Whether if its lazing around or having sex on the moon, its still a plan so spend that day wisely alright!

Haha I pulled Nigel along with me today for a little shopping at town. We were at town before we went to habourfront. Finally, after almost a year or more, I had the “go out with BFF” feeling again HAHA! Eh but he also got buy things okay! Just that I bought 1 more thing. An Emporio Armani watch! After much procrastination and a few paychecks, finally.

And yah! I bumped into my dear girl at ION while she was shopping with her friend for chocolates too! Pure coincidence! Happy happy!

Chao! Time to sleep or do assignment now.

No photos of human because my hair has grown and it’s a bitch to manage and I look like a fag.Image

Nat’s birthday at Jonny’s place.

Happy birthday Nat!
At Jonny’s place now having a gay party. SiHeng, YouZhao, Fit, Nat, Jerrer, Shawn, and Julian.
Just sitting around playing mahjong and poker, eating pizza and chicken wing! The only thing missing is alcohol but no point lah. We’re not real gays anyway. Hahaha!

The one that thanks it all.

Okay HI everyone! This is a post filled with loads of LOVE and THANKS!

We may not be that close but as long as we’ve exchange words before, this post is dedicated to YOU!

I just felt like thanking everybody and every new friend that I’ve made in the year 2011!

From the nonsense I did during the holidays and stuff. Oh yah btw I didn’t work much after my O’ levels because I guess this is the only 6 months holiday I’ll have so I’m gonna enjoy it!


And then getting accepted into DPA has been the one of the most privileged thing ever. I went out with my first poly clique ever and they are Nigel, Candra, and Edward(Eddy)! And also people who are in the same DPA empire, “UMGH!” as me. Janelle, Jaslyn, Cheryl, Charlston, Samantha, Ashleigh, ChongTeng, Arif, Eugene, Desiree, Teresa, Eve, Cleo, Vivien, Nigel, Corn, Candra, Edward! Not forgetting, Our dear GLs, Joel and Heidi!

I somehow regret not putting in a 110% effort into my CDS though. Wished I worked harder for my third one which was only done by all the IT students.


And Freshman Orientation Camp! It could be one of the best camps ever for me seriously. But then I chose to let something else bother me which resulted in an emo bitch Ryan sigh. Nonetheless, I still made friends and enjoyed myself there. Except for the last part where the camp was about to close. Bloody hell we were made to sit on the floor so freaking long I think my ass became flat.


Not to forget my dear classmates Ryman, ChunMing, Tyson, Victor, Aidil, Hakim, Zen, Justin, JianHao, Grace, LiLing, Faraheen, YingLin, YiTing, and Chris!

Haha I also think that my class is quite ONZ so don’t underestimate us! Im currently in my class’s chalet blogging yeah!

So just to sum things up, I’m really thankful to know a lot of you happy, nice, cool, funny, interesting, intelligent, and worthy-to-hangout-with people that made me a very very happy boy! Whether you bring my life up or down, thanks for making things fluctuate so it’s rather interesting you see. Smile

THANK YOU once again!


Now lets just take a look at some photos from this year..

Risotto at Nicholas’s house!

4 bloody irritating THINGS!


I think I got to win this award because I dressed like this to school one day!

DPA promo photoshoot.

Inside an F-15 aircraft!

Featured on TP’s very own T’s magazine!

And also a radio interview about DPA at 91.3FM’s studio.


Tall girl! She’s perfect!

Being ghosts for business study club’s nightwalk hahaha.

Love Red Parade @ Club Soul

TPSU Subcomm training camp group NEVSIS!


Do you think I’m gay?

One of the best person I’ve ever known on earth.


Week 17 and a little bit of 16

So the most memorable thing that happened last 2 weeks was DingHao’s birthday cuz I forgot everything that happened! Hahaha!

We celebrated his bdae at Fish and Co and I swear this might just be one of the most embarrassing moments of his life! He had to stand on the chair and all of the staffs did a FnC cheer followed by a birthday song! Then he had to blow the candle from where he’s standing and he did it! He’s a good blower *wink*.


Oh yes on Tuesday, something happened for the first time! I overslept and what I missed was a tutorial and not a lecture! So I did what almost every poly student would do. LOL. You know what. And I was really silly. I didn’t drop the prescription paper into the prescription box and I blindly waited for quite a while until a lady told me. Zzzz.

Here’s the 2 nonsense gay guys. Lol sometimes I can’t stand them.

That day was my lazy to style hair and dress down day. Wore cap, TP tee, berms, and flipflops to school hahahha!


Next up was the fastest SMS competition on WEDNESDAY. Totally had to intention of joining it at first but then Evin and the rest kept persuading me to join! We had to type this!:

“The razor-tooth piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack humans.”

Haha so I joined and had the top 3 fastest timing! Then I went to sugarloaf with Mason, Amanda and Agnes for lunch. When I came back, I was already the 6th place omg. Then the top 10 proceeded to the finals where we had to compete 1 more time. ALAMAK! I had spelling error and got disqualified. Plus when I wanted to type the “in the world” part, The iPhone’s dictionary auto corrected the “world” to some “Woefnesifebu” shit!

Hahaha anyway congrats to Matthew, Nicholas and Aria for getting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively!

After that I went to Town with Amanda to get some long-craved-for ROYCE chocolates HOLY MACORONI THEY TASTE SO GOOD! Followed by my first time eating at Coldstone Creamery OMG THEY TASTE EVEN BETTER ESPECIALLY THE BROWNIES HAHAHA!


Oh yah so Thursday was our WDS presentation day. Even though it wasn’t really a full presentation, JianHao and I took every advantage of it to wear formal. Bloody Hell I wish I was in business school or smth man. Just presentation everyday.


Friday was our PRSP term test. All I can say was ALL QUESTION 4S ARE FREAKING JINXED!! K that’s all.

Saturday was a study day with Amanda but both pigs woke up so late at about 2+pm. Met at school library at 4, not knowing that the library closes at 5 on Saturdays. So they library’s way of chasing people out is by playing some classical guitar solos. LOL fine then we went to the National library at bugis. Ate dinner first. On the way to the library we were just too bored so we had this idea of watching ZOOKEEPER after studying. Then study until the library close again and BAM there we are at Iluma watching movie.

HAHA I swear the movie’s damn funny! See it to believe it or laugh at it!



There was Nigel, Cheryl, Janelle, Corn, Jaslyn, Candra, Aria, and Sandy! They guys paid 20 dollars for a neat looking steamboat and get fat at the same time while the girls we just next door at Astons thinking how to eat healthily. HAHA!

K fingers tired already! See you the next time I blog!

Oh gosh I really rushed through this post. HAHAHA!

Week 16 Update–Including Week 15 BSC Haunted House, TPSU pot luck party & Love Red Parade @ Club Soul

I haven’t blogged about me helping out in Business Studies Club’s haunted house did I? Haha pics:


And after that we went for prata:


Then we stayed over at PanYu’s house. Really thankful to him for letting us spend the night over at his place.


Week 16 was a pretty dress down week! Anyway, This is my festival. Hungry ghost. Look at my lunch on the average;





Wednesdays at the lounge was one epic truth or dare session. It was filled with mind-effing awkward truth questions and daring dares!

Skip to the main part, It was Amanda’s turn and she chose dare. Then she had to choose a guy to kiss so I got a kiss from her on my cheek aww. Then she spin the bottle, JUST NICE MY TURN. I chose dare and, my dare was to kiss her back! LOL see how nicely arranged the events are? Haha so far my most extreme truth or dare game yet!

Friday pot luck party with the main and sub comms was one memorable night! Met new people and took many photos! Although I wish I have taken more. Haha Amanda and I agreed to wear our super shiny footwear which you will see in the pictures later. Totally couple shoe man! Anyway, that night was free pool, air hockey, and foosball all the way. I’ll let the pictures do there talking from here Smile

Ai seh! Shiny couple shoes!

Let me introduce you (from left to right); WenKai, Sexyguy, Helmi, Matthew, and Panyu

I am the third party here. I’m stealing Geoffery away!


This 2 girls take my phone zi lian only!

Sweet couple!



“Gay” partners


With Momo!


Agnes and Panyu!



The threesome

Meet Alyson!

Meet Mandy!

She look like my xiao mei mei right! So cute!




YEP so I’ve not slept for the night because I was partying at club soul “celebrating the nation’s birthday” in a way HAHA!

Don’t know if you can tell that I’m like rushing through this post.

Pics again!

OH I MUST SAY SOMETHING! YAM AH MEE WAS THERE! I DANCED, HUGGED, AND TOOK A PICTURE WITH HIM! He damn cute! He was like beside me “Oi! Oi! Oi!”ing to the music!


Sigh this was the best shot. But it’s still captured!


GG to me. Just reached home a while ago, haven’t slept, 2 more hours till school starts, studio recording at NP after school, and probably movie at night. Can I last? I hope!

Week 14 update

Right… Life has been pretty happy and smooth and even quite happening at times thanks to TPSU!

Have been going to the student lounge like almost everyday because it’s like a happy place filled with happy people man.

And this week I’ve finally had lunch at bistro walk with my classmates. It was so much better than their favorite place ITAS hahaha. Better smell, better food, and you won’t walk out smelling like the food court itself.

Oh btw have I showed y’all my class yet? Here they are..


Anyway, have a look at the school’s Internet speed.


Met up with the tuition kakis and teacher at Starbucks on Friday! $40 table here!


Omg the problem with blogging too late is that you’ll forget what happen!
I’m in week 15 here writing about week 14 btw! My apologies for the late post too haha!

TPSU Subcomm camp 11/12!

Best start for me was that I don’t have school on Friday’s! Took advantage of it and slept till 2pm before I started packing for this 2 days 1 night camp.

Met Eddy at Tampines interchange to get some KOI first!
Sick fetish bro. But I like!

My motive for attending this camp other than having fun is also to meet more people and make more friends!

I was allocated to one of the five groups “Nevsis” and our “OI” cheer goes like this:

Nevsis OI!
Never SI (die)!
Nevsis OI!
Never SEE!
Nevsis OI!
See what see ah kua simi (see what)!

Short and fierce. Hahaha!

And so coincidentally somebody I saw last week was in the same empire as me too! Fated to the max HAHAHA!

I came to the camp with Eddy and Aria but we got split up, which also is a good thing because at least we would go socialize ourselves and won’t keep sticking to each other.

The thought of sleeping in the sports complex really drenched our mood but we were rather prepared for it. It was because we went to an air-conditioned meeting room to safe keep our bags there and that place felt so cool and comfortable.

Here are some pictures taken in the night! The lighting was extremely bad which also explains the poor photo quality!


My Rudolf nose really ruined my entire photo-taking session in camp! Sigh!

2nd day!

Slept at 4 and woke up at 6. Looked around and saw everybody still dead so I pretended to sleep again. Then woke up at 7.

It was a day filled with flour and water! Damn shiok but at the same time super unglam! For lunch, we played a treasure hunt but this time it was to hunt for out utensils and maggi mee!

The day ended with a layer of flour covering most people’s scalp! Fun time scraping it off. The feeling of one small piece coming out is damn shiok man.

We got our TPSU t-shirt too in a sexy blue colour! I wished it was dark blue actually but nvm! As long as it’s TPSU!

Kay I’m knocking out already.

>Week 12 update.


Hey I’m back!

I forgot which idiot told me that poly’s very slack. That person must be scoring a very low GPA HAHA oops =X.

Just some updates!

So now I’m officially in 3 different CCAs:

Hahaha imma proud sub-comm!

I’m quite happy with my poly life now except that I want to meet the DPA peeps more often!

I find it damn happening. TP’s homepage, DPA promo video, T’s Magazine photoshoot, and Radio show on 91.3FM!


Caught Harry Potter 7 at Tampines. Was playing around with some kiddy specs at the optical shop Denver went in to.

Was at Fort Canning Park last Saturday with Nigel, Regine, Eddy, Aria, Momo and Jonathan for a picnic cum Ballet Under The Stars”!

It was truly an evening well spent with them! MORE EVENTS LIKE THIS K!!!


Here’s the Ryan formula. Sorry for the hideous handwriting, I was writing on a super low whiteboard!

BTW, I recorded a guitar cover of Bullet For My Valentine – The Last Fight. I think my guitar looks great in black and white!

Alrighty! Come back soon! I’ll update in FB and twitter if there’s a new post anyway.

>Week 7 Update.


Okay this is week 7’s update! Lol it’s only week 7. Sounds very little but so many things happened!

Monday! Celebrated Jordan’s birthday in advance! With Chef Nicholas Soh in the kitchen whipping up, as usual, FREAKING DELICIOUS western food for us!



Not to forget a tao pok session AFTER DINNER *puke* and Nicholas biting Darren’s ass until it bled!


Jammed with Aria, Eddy, Jonathan, and Ben at Beat Merchants studio on Thursday. I declare that jamming session the best session we’ve ever had. Totally a confidence for Monday’s MusicVox auditions!

What happened on Friday? Hmm I can’t recall.

Saturday was another jamming session with the band but we have guests LOL! Momo, Regine and Chindian Jonathan joined us!
This time we tried jamming at upper Thomson’s jamming studio Orlandos for the first time. Our whole band never eat rice that day! LOL. Like something was missing and it was scary.

Then I tried Regine’s Violin which was the first time I played a violin in my life! Weee! Best part was trying to play canon! HAHA!

Chilled around with the guitars and our voices at Jonathan’s big house! Before having beancurd and beancurd drink! I was the hungry ghost though. Had a plate of glutinous rice and 2 egg tarts!


3 clowns ridiculously posing with their guitars in the middle of the road.
The headlights of a car actually assisted the flash!