>Week 6 update.


Tomorrow is week 7! Term test week!

PRSP and WDS on Monday, CARC and CMaths1 on Wednesday, and CMaths 2 on Friday.

The Monday after next is also the auditions for MusicVox. I am not very feeling hopeless but I’m not very sure that we are good enough still. I really hope we will get get through though!

Aria and me on our self proclaimed “BOOTS DAY”!

Oh by the way have I mentioned before that I really like the egg tarts at ITAS canteen? They are really delicious although I wish for the crust to be crispier.

Outing with secondary school clique on Friday after CMaths 2 remedial! Watched The Hangover 2 which was hilarious! Full of little penises though =.=





My favourite food!

If you’re reading this, I hope you do well for your test or have a good week ahead or both! Seeya! Time for a shower.


>Unluckiest week of may is the last week!

>This week, the last week of may has been such an unlucky one!
Firstly, I lost my STAGE cap! $60!

Then, I broke my Swarovski crystal!
And, I mysteriously lost my EZ-Link and Matriculation card today in bus 8! Tapped in, Sat down, realized I lost it, look here and there, cannot find 😦
To make it worst, there’s still a little feeling. AAAHHHH! I thought today would be a better day since I slept early last night.

>Week 4 update!

>See see! Procrastination in progress! I’m suppose to be doing CMaths2 now but here I am BLOGGING!

Haven’t been taking a lot of pictures recently because I don’t want my album to be filled with nonsensical photos of what I eat and the little interesting things I see. Most of that will be on Twitter or Facebook so do follow or add me kay!!

This week is the School of IIT’s graduation week and there were full of E-Learning to do! Especially the lecture part. One teacher did it well, the other, I can’t really get anything at all.

The most happening thing for this week was Denver’s chalet and CCN Day, DPA-IG’s Haunted House!

I was clown!

This was on Friday btw. Went to Denver’s chalet in the night after CCN day at TP.

Darren was suppose to come but he got admitted to CGH for food allergy! Get well soon my dear brother!

Oh btw,


Your name so long I needed a new line for it!

Okay work time!

>Week 3 update



It’s not the end of the week yet. But well!?

Anyway, which is your favourite day of the week? Post your answers in the formspring box at the right column –>!
Mine is ridiculously Monday because my timetable ends the earliest on that day which is 3pm! Err that’s like not so early and not so late but AIYAH YOU GET IT!
Went for dinner at 18Chefs after school to satisfy the craving of cheese baked rice! Yum yum no picture today!

And Tuesday, THE BLOODY MOST F”ED UP TIMETABLE. Okay I summarize for you?
1 hr BREAK
1 hr BREAK
1 more fcuking hour of the same LESSON
The last fcuking hour of break.

This is fcuking playing with our time man. Even if we wanna study WTF can we do in and hour!?

Thursday “best”
1 hr BREAK

ITS FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY *Song continues till the end of this post*
But I used it do do my work with lotsa procrastination!
Went for MusicVox meeting back in school at 6.30pm followed by supper with Darren and Jordan at Mr.Prata at 11!

Now, it’s time for gym like finalehh!


*Blows the dust away*
*Cough cough*
Week 1 of school is finally over. So far I find all the modules manageable hmmm…
One thing I like about my timetable is that I have no school on friday! But thursday, I have a stupid 4 hours break from 1-5 and then a pointless class at 5-6. =.=!
Oh well I admit this post is so boring. Im just updating for the sake of updating cuz I totally don’t have the mood for blogging today. Bloody busy here. Flooded with e-learnings!
See you very soon!

>I wish people stop “giving us blessings” or say we look a like or are compatible together because it really digs me.

>Sigh. The new one keeps coming. The current one keeps ignoring. I’m feeling dejected^999. I feel like the bad guy now but what have I done wrong.

>Week 14 update


I AM BACK ONCE AGAIN! THIS TIME, err, *thinking of something epic to say.

Just to update, My hair is not as colourful like this, IMG_1167 (purplish red and blonde) anymore. I have used this, IMG_1973 on my hair now. And also went to the salon to give it a little trim. Kinda like it still. Haha!

The last week was the last day of this whole PPP (Polytechnic Preparatory Programme) thing. SDP (school discovery program) ended on which I’m like feeling so happy about

I am trying hard to recall what happened for the past 7 days now! I think I will have to make it a point do jot down what happen everyday so that it’ll be easier for me when I do my weekly updates. Well, I will try to update more frequently but I’ll at least make it a point to update weekly! So don’t worry! Even if I’m gonna let this blog die, I will announce!


Monday – School from 9-4+. Didn’t expect that I will be going out that day so I dressed until damn casual. Hair also never style properly. So after school went to airport and dined at pizza hut! It was the first freaking  time that I had PIZZA HUT!

This is me being frustrated over having a bad hair day!

There’s another photo of me holding the Pizza Hut menu, smiling like a kid dining there for the first time but apparently my face looked like crap so I’m not going to spoil my image by posting it here!

Tuesday –
See, I’m a neat freak. Even the way I connect my laptop to the power supply has to be neat!

Was doing some assignment on Popular micro blogging site Twitter hence this drawing of the Twitter bird!

Haha you know I’m bored.

Wednesday – Today was the so called “Presentation Day” and also the last day of this SDP thing. It’s totally different from TNS. I put in a lot of effort to rehearse for TNS presentation and try to brush everything up nicely but for this, it’s like so normal. Teacher even said that we don’t have to dress formerly. Just be ourselves. But I still had to dress up for show. Going out shopping with all my cliques later in the day too anyway! Awesome people!

Photo taking session at the end of class. Meet my project group!

This is the entire class!

Went Tom’s Palette for ice cream. ONE OF THE BEST PLACE TO GET SOME NICE ICE CREAM IN SINGAPORE! They even have salted egg as a flavour!

Thursday – Went to do something pretty happy but embarrassing thing! Hehe. A small little memorable moment added to my life.

Oh and during evening time went to Amanda’s cellgroup leader’s house for steamboat. Thanks for bringing me back to God!

Friday – Last day of PPP! Closing ceremony.

We received our certificates. Saw the DPA video with many nice pictures of all of us. Then it was the Lecturer surprise award awarded to a few students in class!

I was lucky enough to win Mr. Stylo-Milo! Haha!

Cleo won Ms. Stylo-Milo and Terry won Mr. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon god knows why and what’s that! Hahahahahaha!

This is Amanda my bestie, Guan Wen my room mate and me wearing our DPA shirts!

Next few ours was filled with fun and games. VERY WET fun and games! Including face being “spitted” at! ARGH! It was this station where a we were suppose to vote a guy and a girl up. Then there’s this board with points around it and a hole in the middle for you to put our head through. And your teammates have to spit dirty water at the board to score points trying hard to not hit you. Eventually some still did! AAAHHH!

The day ended with a very tired Ryan. Went home. Had a nice h2h chat before going home. I loved every single h2h chat!



>Down down down down down…

>Sigh…Entering polytechnic was such an exciting experience for me, until this week, where we seperate with all our “first friends/cliques”, and join people from our school.I was such a naive kid when applying for Direct Poly Admission. OF ALL WONDERFUL schools, I went to apply for a Networking course in School Of IIT(Informatics & Information Technology). I said I was naive. I got so excited about this course just becuase of a simple talk session.

So much for having a Pilot/Air Steward dream since I was a child. 


Fine. It will definitely be benificial owning an IT cert in the future, but I have never even thought of getting an IT related job before. 


I feel damn F-ed up since this School Discovery Programme thing started this week.
Everybody else get to go on excursions, cut up things, build robots, and go to the beach but IT students face the f-ing computer and do a module called “Effective Internet Research”. For me, is face this shit with all the weird people.

You see when you do something you don’t like, it won’t be so bad if you have at least a friend you can talk or turn to.
This subject is so uninteresting and I know the teachers know their stuffs well but they can’t bloody teach! They give me the feeling that they are not confident of what they are doing.


GOSH! Everyday I walk into class is like i’m walking into a freaking LAN shop! NEVERMIND. Like 90% of the people there behave like seondary 2 kids. And their sense of humor is just seriously screwed up! Let me give you a similar but unrelated example:


In class, Twitter and Facebook are my best friends. I can’t get myself to talk to anybody.
I managed to survive the past 2 days because at least I get to meet my clique for lunch and dinner.  Other than that. I’m alone in class. Just me in my own world. I stare at the stupid screen, the stupid screen stare at me.


There are 2 kinds of motivation that motivates you to come to school. 1 is what you are learning(your course) and 2 are your friends. Some get motivated by either 1 or both. But for me, I’m not doing what I wanna do and my friends are all in different schools and i’m stuck with all these people.


Today, the 3rd day, I already feel like dying.

  • Early morning went to the LAN shop(class) and did some boring stuffs mainly about “Effective Internet Research” =.=
  • Was like alone the whole day.
  • I din make any friends in THAT class. Just can’t help it.
  • Today never meet clique for lunch cuz every1’s busy with activities planned for them.
  • So ate with 2 people at engineering school. There was hardly any conversation going on.
  • Came back to class. Door locked. Felt damn sad at that time already, facepalm all the way. Until i fell asleep on my knees for a few mins.
  • Woke up.
  • Crap lessons again.
  • Couldn’t take all this lonliness and nonsense anymore so left class and came home and tadaaa here I am.

I feel like im on the edge, the very very edge already.

I hope when the main cohort comes in in April, there will be normal fun and cool people just like all my current friends!